Title: Sin Eater


Location: fanfiction.net


Category: Captain America


Characters Who Make An Appearance: Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, OC, Nick Fury, Natasha/Black Widow, Clint/Hawkeye, Coulson, Skye, Simmons, Steve Rogers/Captain America. Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, etc.


Relationships: Bucky Barnes/OC, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark


Tags: very slowburn, OC telepath, AU, complete, over 100,000 words, humorous, Winter Soldier/OC


Author: Cuckoo on a String


Story Summary: He can’t remember. She can’t forget. Sometimes picture perfect doesn’t mean it’s a perfect picture. Nick Fury’s secret Compendium is in jeopardy after the events of TWS, and when the sky is falling, the ugly stuff hits the fan. AoS cameos. Rated for language and violence.


gaqmmathetaalpha’s Thoughts:

Hal, as far as everyone at SHIELD is concerned, is a janitor. She doesn’t ask questions, she stays out of the way, and keeps entirely to herself. Exactly what is expected.

Underneath the janitor mask, however, is a library of all of SHIELD’s secrets, weak points, and sins. If Fury doesn’t trust it in a file, it’s carefully stored in the girl with the best memory on the planet.

But when Hydra takes over SHIELD, her cover as just an ordinary Level One is destroyed. Now, Hal must fight for her life and the secrets the Compendium within her holds.

Sin Eater is a compelling, angst-filled tale of identity and trust. I was especially a fan of the author’s focus on identity. In a world of spies and lies, you are what the circumstances call for, whether that’s a Winter Soldier or an invisible janitor with all of SHIELD’s secrets in your head. The author creates a tale of manipulation and lies.

Hal also finds herself held captive by the Winter Soldier, a person that was, just like her, made into a tool and a pawn. They struggle with their differences and with the darkness inside them both.

This story is well worth the read, especially if you enjoy emotional tension and tales of finding yourself.


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