The Answering Machine

Title: The Answering Machine


Category: Spider-Man/Avengers crossover

Characters Who Make An Appearance: Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Pepper Potts, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Relationships in Story: Tony/Pepper (minor)

Author: Laliel

Story Summary: Director Fury tries to contact the Avengers to save New York City from a giant lizard hell-bent on destruction but gets the answering machine instead. MOVIE-VERSE, The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man!

gammathetaalpha’s thoughts: This fun little one-shot features irritated Nick Fury attempting to contact one of the Avengers to deal with a little lizard mess down in New York. Unfortunately, all of his super secret boy band are unable to be contacted, and a certain friendly neighborhood vigilante must take care of the mess instead.

I thought this one-shot was worth mention because it has qualities almost everyone looks for in a classic Spider-Man/Avengers oneshot. The Avengers don’t do their job, but Spider-Man saves the day. I loved the little glimpses at each of the Avengers lives sans chaotic alien invasion. This story follows my criteria for a good fanfiction. If you’re looking for something short and fun, try this one.

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Chicken Soup With Rice


Chicken Soup With Rice

Title: Chicken Soup With Rice




Category: Spider-Man/Avengers Crossover


Characters Who Make An Appearance: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Bruce Banner/Hulk, Aunt May, Tony Stark/Iron Man


Relationships In Story: None


Author: Convenient Alias


Story Summary: Bruce meets a young man named Peter in a bookstore. A young man who seems to be researching how radiation can be used to enhance the human body. “That sounds like a terrible idea. How about we…um…get some coffee and talk about it?”


gammathetaalpha’s thoughts: This one-shot is a heartwarming little story about Bruce meeting an entirely average college student in a book store. The young man seems to be researching ways to heal or strengthen the human body using gamma radiation. Bruce sees the potential disaster, and invites the boy for coffee to persuade him out of a similar fate to his.

I especially liked it because of the friendship that develops between Peter and Bruce. Both are nerds with quiet personalities (identities) and they get along well. The author did a wonderful job of emphasising this canon quality.

The story ends with a feeling like it only has just begun. Personally, I like this quality, because it’s like giving the imagination a triple shot of espresso: your mind goes crazy imagining all that could happen next. The author has said that she has no intention to do any more on the story. I would love for her to expand, but I believe that the story itself is fine.

Overall, this story deserves a read. It may be short, but there is plenty of quality packed into the little cupcake;)


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